Nejame Law – The Orlando DUI Attorney That You Were Looking For

Everyone deserves second chances and of course that includes people who drive under the influence. Being placed in their shoes and getting charged with DUI is not a fun experience, but it shouldn’t mean the end of the world. Getting back on track and moving forward to the next step would be easier if you have an Orlando DUI attorney that you can turn to. Orland is not lacking in DUI attorneys but be sure that you’re hiring quality attorneys like NeJame Law.

NeJame Law

NeJame law is a well known firm that specializes in numerous fields of law like intellectual property law, civil and business law, criminal defense, employment law and personal injury. DUI cases belong to criminal defense and NeJame knows the exact strategy to implement in order to get you out of a tight spot. NeJame Law’s associates and individual partners also offer high ratings and years of experience. Keep in mind that DUI or drank driving is considered as a considerable offense in Florida. Trying to defend DUI cases is a serious and challenging matter so it’s best to leave it to the experts; a fact that every attorney under NeJame Law know all too well.

Under the laws that govern Florida, DUIs are typically charged as misdemeanors but the consequences of actually being sentenced with DUI are as severe as they are long lasting. Not only that, but the charges will definitely affect your personal, professional and social life. People charged with DUI in Florida are usually kept in jail for a minimum of 8 hours, get their license immediately suspended and will be charged a corresponding amount. They will have a maximum of 10 day from the day of incident to formally request a review hearing to get their license back.