Why Should You Hire a Chinese Nanny?

A Chinese nanny would come to your house and supervise your kids in their own surroundings. The work hours are specified by you and the nanny would work within the old routine you have. Also, you could ask a Chinese Nanny to do a Chinese postpartum childcare, also known as zuo yue zi, for your baby.

A Chinese nanny would arrive at your home just before the given time. This means that you would have several minutes to talk to your nanny for the day a head and update her on anything. There is no time pressure as the nanny comes to you. Your kids could start their day whenever they are prepared.

In the same way, the nanny would stay until you get home at the end of the day. You don’t have to quickly get back even you are stuck in traffic or in a meeting.


The nanny would plan the kids’ daily activities. You could work with the nanny, as a parent, to ensure that the kids are getting a good balance of play. You could also tell the nanny what your kids do and where they usually go.

Also, the nanny would be able to call your friends and invite your friends’ kids for play dates inside your house. The reason for this is to maintain the existing friendship group of your kid.


One of the best benefits you could get from a nanny is that they would cover every family member. This means that the daily schedule of your nanny includes helping siblings overseeing homework, manage after school clubs, and manage school runs.


Day care centers have a very strict policy on bringing a sick kid. With a nanny, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.