Contingency Plans To Access Your Orange Email Account

Orange group of companies are veteran email services providers and also offer various tech solution services to boost your online business and enable you stay connected and updated with the current on-goings in your proposed niche.

However, the company has made a decision to close orange email which is expected to take effect on the 31st of May. Lots of question remains unanswered and no one is certain of how much effect would have on all other services such as mobile internet, subscription on smart phones, prepaid cards and all other promotional packages offered by orange group of companies, but there is a scamper to secure an alternative means of email reception.

Those who already have one are termed “safe”, for those who don’t, there’s a lot to consider especially large businesses who have made big time investment and are awaiting payday just to find out they would need to find an alternative email, making the old, popular one obsolete this may have a deteriorating effect on businesses if clients and contacts are unaware of this facts on the extremely bad side, this might be an opportunity for fraudsters to cash in on this switch. A high level of security awareness is needed this period to avoid falling victim to certain unscrupulous elements.

Acceder a su cuenta de correo electrónico Orange, owners of orange mail, after the closure announcement also gave hope to users of orange mails to the alternative to access their orange emails. A forwarding service which would enable users to retrieve their emails from different email services, Google to be specific has been put in place. This recommendation is partly owed to the large capacity of email. It would easily accommodate orange mail capacity which is far less.  EE also provides a grid on how to set up an away message that would allow your orange mail contacts be redirected to your new mail account, that way there is no loss.