The Plan To Get Him Back

In getting back your ex-boyfriend, you must keep away from desperate moves; the more desperate you appear, the more you repel him. Place a little value and self-worth on yourself and this will in turn make him value you the more, in order to reach this goal, follow the steps on how to get your ex back.

  • Never call him. This is a difficult option for someone who is addicted to her feelings for her boyfriend but then again, you can be a little flexible. If you must call, never call immediately and when you do, just say hello and space out your communication. I insist that the first option would be better.
  • Do not beg him to return or speak in self-pity. Coming back into your life is something that should naturally occur to him without your influence.

  • Do not be worked up, remain calm no matter how hard. When you talk with him, never yell, stay unruffled.
  • Do not be a slave for love, never be cajoled into unnecessary demands, accept no conditions for his love, politely demand respect despite the sour relationship but don’t be arrogant.
  • Don’t over-shower him with affection. At least not now because this is a red flag for desperation at the moment.
  • Don’t get jealous when your ex starts to date other girls. They are most likely rebounds and that doesn’t last.

  • Try to know if they still want you back. After the self-reservation, patience and poise, when you eventually get the chance to sit one on one with him, he would probably make moves to come back, if he doesn’t ask, then ask him bluntly if he is still interested – so he wouldn’t think that by your attitude, you’ve shut him out – he will most likely respond positively. Jump right in!