Know About What Is Vestigial Structures

If you plan to know more about the Theory of Evolution, it’s inevitable that you need to know what is vestigial structures. Taken as one of the proofs for the evolution theory, these rudimentary organs in our body is hypothesized to be remnants of more functional organs of our previous evolutionary states.

More About What is Vestigial Structures

Just think about our primate ancestors who lived on trees in the midst of wild environment. Their tails help them to climb and move on trees, and their ear muscles helps their ears to move. Moving their ears to face in different directions can provide them better hearing perception, which is vital in a wild environment.

As the evolution goes on, we eventually lost our tails, and we only have coccyx or tail bones at the present. Some experts argue that the tail bones help in connecting muscles, bones, tendons and other vital tissues in our pubic area, but people who have it removed experienced no adverse side effects. Our ears also lost its capacity to move despite of ear muscles still present. Such organs are the vestigial structures in our body, but is observed to be fully functional in our primate relatives.

These rudimentary organs are deemed to be useless or provides only small functions to our body, but have vital functions in other animals. For instance, our appendix seems to have no use, but it’s vital in other animals for digesting leaves. Additionally, some of these organs seems to continuously diminish its little functions from generations to generations, and are expected to be totally gone in future offspring of mankind.

According to the 13th chapter of “Origin of Species” written by Sir Charles Darwin, these organs are one of the biggest proofs of the theory of evolution. Knowing more about what is vestigial structures can help us to understand our biological body even more, and see evolution in a clearer view.…

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