About Us

Welcome to The Tape is Not Sticky!
It’s a funny name but it’s got a bit of history to it! It began with an argument by two 7-year-olds. One believed that tape was not sticky, while the other believed it was. It all resulted in a long brawls and the loss of eyebrows for both of them.
While in tears and in the midst of trying to get tape off of their brows, both kids agreed that they wished that the tape is not sticky! Those kids grew up into your funky writers for this site! We’re avid gamers and we want to know everything there is to know about everything. Growing up, we realized that the best sort of information you can get is something that’s shared by likeminded people.
While tape is no longer our primary concern (and yes we still know it is actually sticky), we aim to share random useful discussion with all of you. We are going to be posting about a lot of different topics that range for whimsical to seriously helpful. Our goal is to become your go-to place for the latest news and tips for games, major events, and social stuff. Let’s begin!